The BRCN 信息 Technology Department operates and maintains IT resources in support of the college's mission and goals. Services include academic support, administrative systems support, 学生服务, and faculty and staff support and training. The BRCN IT服务台 is available to assist you with any computer related problems on campus. 

Access BRCN 电子邮件 on your SmartPhone

请参阅 Student Mobile Devices PolicyBy loading BRCN email on your phone you agree to the terms in this policy.

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As a BRCN Student you have free access to use BRCN’s MS Office365 portal. 
This portal gives you the full version of the most current version of Microsoft’s Office Suite that works completely online as well as the option to install the applications locally on your personal devices. 
BRCN already provides local installations of MS Office on all BRCN PCs so please do not attempt to install any applications on BRCN computers. 
Please note that you will only have access to this service while a current student with an active BRCN account.  
如果你的状态改变了, due to withdrawing or graduation, you will lose access to the service and all files you may have stored there. Please plan ahead for this.

要使用Office365, go to the link below and login using your BRCN email as the login and your BRCN password: 



  • 个人电脑/笔记本电脑摄像头
  • 2Ghz Intel or AMD processor (minimum)
  • 4GB of RAM (minimum) 8GB (recommended)
  • The Lab and Examsoft are best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Otherwise you may experience clipping or pixilated content
  • USB接口
  • Webcam (no virtual cameras or phones as cameras)
  • Microphone (May be built-in on webcam or laptop)
  • Firewall (Connecting to the lab requires that you have port 443 open. Please see your network administrator for assistance.


  • Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit are supported. Windows RT and Windows 10 S, are NOT supported at this time. Only genuine versions of Windows Operating Systems are supported. 还有Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), OS X 10.14 (Mojave), macOS Catalina (10.15). Only genuine versions of Mac Operating Systems are supported. Each VLab program has different compatibility requirements (specific system information is provided to all users through application FAQs and Getting Started activites) (NO tablets, iPads, or Chromebooks)

  • Broadband High Speed Internet Access, Cable or DSL (2Mbps) upload speed

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome are supported
    • Again, each program has different compatibilities. Some are universal while some will only work with specific browser versions; this information is provided to all users through application FAQs and Getting Started activites.
  • Java installed and browser-enabled
  • AdobeFlash球员
  • 微软的Silverlight 他只
  • Citrix接收机 (required for the Argo/MEDITECH portal)
  • Tableau Desktop (required to use the Tableau application, download via link in VLab Academy and follow instructions to get free access) 他只

To test your computer and ensure you have the optimal standards to successfully access all of the online portals please click here:

电子邮件 and Online Learning Portals
Online Learning Computer Guidelines


你知道吗?? The BRCN IT Department staff is always happy to help you with your technical problems or answer any questions!

If you have any questions regarding BRCN IT resources, feel free to contact us at 或者打电话给我们 217-228-5520 Ext. 6900.

Please note: For help with Blessing Hospital Resources such as Citrix/员工访问, 酒吧, 或NetLearning, please call the Blessing IS Help Desk at Ext. 6750.

Our typical Office Hours are:
8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday-Friday.
After hours help available by calling Ext. 6944, seven days a week, from 7:00am-12:00am.

如果我们想念你, please leave a message with your contact information and we will follow up with you as soon as we can.